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Our Mission

Launched January of 2020, Bago Tracks & Trails established our mission to be: “A grassroots movement focused on connecting communities with healthy lifestyles in Winnebago County. Do what moves you.”
This will be accomplished through education, community engagement, and trail improvement.


Trail education and getting more people safely on Winnebago County's trails is a big part of our mission. We currently educate the community through our weekly community rides.



Thanks to our board members Marc Salm, Jude Holland, and Bob Albright we've been able to host weekly "Wednesyaay" rides. Building community on the trails, but also providing the opportunity to educate riders. We will continue to use these rides and our social media presence to educate people on trail safety, bike safety, and of the community recreational resources that Winnebago County has available

Community Engagement

Rides and events will continue to be a main vehicle for community engagement and fundraising. We're also working to set up the organization for a robust membership that engages not only traditional trail users, but engaging businesses that are in close proximity to trails in the county. The memberships for Bago Tracks & Trails will be finalized in spring of 2021, and will create a vehicle for engagement and fundraising for future community projects.



We got the ball (and bikes) rolling with some fundraising bike ride events: A poker run and fall ride. This marks the beginning of Bago Tacks & Trails efforts to get people on the trails in Winnebago County and fundraise for future trail improvements. That effort has, currently, evolved into the a aforementioned rides on Wednesday nights.

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