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Get your B T & T logo club shirt Sizes XS - XL.  You can look more closely at the garment HERE but do NOT order from the Club Ride website. Use it as a guide for sizing and what color selection you desire. We limited the color selections shown on this form. There are other available colors on the Club Ride Website. If you want one of those, please clarify that color selection clearly on your order. You may select any color offered but it must be a Bandara color.   Please email if you want a shirt shipped and we can provide you a cost to ship.

Womens Club Shirt - Club Ride Bandara

  • The Bandara is absolutely the most iconic women's Club Ride shirt. Putting this shirt on will take you to the happy place we found the first time we made a loose fitting, custom plaid cycling shirt. Smiles for single track miles and looks for days! It's loose fitting, yet sporty. It's cool but casual. It's everything that makes Club Ride #1 in women's bike clothing. 
    We started with the fabric. Nothing else matters if the soul of the shirt doesn't work during adventures. It has lots of stretch, wicking, quick dry and delivers UPF of 50. So many things to keep you rolling on the trails or just kicking around town. Venting under arms, reflective accents and back pocket to keep the list going. All you have to do is put it on and ride and smile. The shirt takes care of all your cycling clothing needs. From Sun Valley to Asheville, riding in a Bandara shirt is nothing short of the coolest thing on the planet. See for yourself. Just be prepared to never go back to the tight arm band, uber fitted, 3 pocket jersey.
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